Red Hair Color Ideas

Red hair color trends LaSpina Salon ThorndaleRed hair colors are always in demand at LaSpina Salon in Thorndale.  Being a redhead is the ultimate hair color and here we take a look at some of the hottest red hair color looks out there.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Shades

Strawberry blonde hair colors are a very natural hair color style. They look great against creamy complexions or against slighty sun-kissed skin. This hair color trend looks like your hair has been natural colored by the sun, with red hues and tones permeating through a blonde base color.

Red hair color trends LaSpina Salon ThorndaleCopper Tones

Experimenting with copper tones and hues can give your hair a fantastic multidimensional look. This classic hair color style can use dark copper strands or something a little bit lighter to give a real natural red hair style. Using copper tones to color your hair red, you can achieve a hair color style that has an array of different red shades.

All-over Red, Red, Red!

This season it’s all about being bold with an all-over mahogany, cherry or plum hair color! All over colors with as much vibrance as cherry-red, require a good degree of maintenance, so keep in mind that this will need to play a part in your hair regime. If you’re feeling brave and looking for a hair color trend that will set you apart from the crowd, then this is the hair color look for you.

Red hair color trends LaSpina Salon ThorndaleFiery Red Hair Color

Fiery reds are exactly what they say on the tin. Fire bright in color with burnt orange tones that give a stand-out, bold and dramatic red hair style.

Celebrity Red Hair

The celebs know exactly how to rock red hair colors! Rihanna has become a veteran of red hair in recent years and she wears a stunning all over cherry red hair color. British songstress Florence Welch displays a tangerine hair color that looks incredible against her gorgeous pale and clear complexion. When she’s not sporting her favorite ombre hair color, Drew Barrymore has been known to experiment with red tones and highlights and here she wears a gorgeous copper hair color that makes her hair look well maintained, healthy and shiny.

The trick to red hair color is wearing a shade that compliments your natural skin tone. Ask your LaSpina hair colorist about strawberry blonde, fiery red, and every shade of red in between.  Which one is best for you?  Call LaSpina Hair Salon in Thorndale today!  610.383.7778!

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