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HAIR-COLOR-BANNNERHair Color at LaSpina Salon & Spa

The art of hair color at LaSpina hair salon and spa in Chester County is created daily by our team of visionary, creative and talented stylists.  There are many steps involved in creating the best hair color possible and every hair color at our hair salon starts with a one to one consultation.   This informal appointment between yourself and your expert hair color stylist allows us to find a little more about you as an individual. We will ask you questions about your lifestyle, your personality and your look that will enable us to create the best hair color possible that will compliment you in every way.

Creating the best hair color

There are many techniques used by professional hairdressers when it comes to hair color.  Depending on the desired overall hair color, your expert la Spina hair stylist has many tools and techniques at their disposal to ensure you leave the salon with rich, vibrant and glossy color infused hair.

Foil highlights and lowlights

hair-colour-salon west chesterOne of the most popular hair color techniques is foil highlights or low lightis.  Foils in varying widths and volume throughout the hair can produce a variety of desired hair colors.  At the la Spina hair salon Thorndale we generally break foil hilites and lowlites into the following;

Sample foils – using up to 8 foils this technique is often used on men’s hair, a specific section of hair (the fringe for example) or used around the crown area for a subtle effect.

Half head foils – using foil high and lowlights through half the head can really produce a dramatic hair color change.

Full head foils – foils through the whole head of hair really gives you endless hair color possibilities. Hair color results can be dramatic and striking.

Covering grey hair

Grey hair can really age a person and in our conquest to achieve a youthful appearance, dyeing grey hair is one of the simplest beauty regimes that can take years off you! Even the gentlest semi permanent hair dyes can completely cover grey hair, so if you’re not sure of a certain hair color you have the freedom to experiment at LaSpina Salon & spa.

Covering roots

In order to keep your hair looking at its best it is important to book regular hairdressing appointments to cover root regrowthDyeing your roots ensures your hair looks vibrant, full of color, shine and in optimum condition.

Hair color trends

copper-lowlights-colour- west chesterAt the LaSpina hair salon Chester County we are always experimenting with the latest in hair color trends. We keep a close eye on the catwalks, look to fashion designers and celebrities for inspiration and scour the latest magazines and hair publications. We know what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to contemporary hair color trends. For this reason we are armed with knowledge and experience if you’re looking for something a little alternative or you simply want to stay ahead in the fashion stakes. Whilst we embrace a contemporary hair color trend we also pride ourselves on our honest approach and just like there is no ‘one size fits all’ for fashion trends the same can be said for hair color. We will never advise hair colors and trends that won’t suit our valued clients as individuals.

Hair color correction

So you’ve had a hair dye disaster. STOP! Don’t let panic set in and try to remain calm.  Try not to let yourself fall into the common trap of dyeing over hair color that’s gone wrong.  In most cases this will not work and you will be left with an even bigger hair color problem. Take a deep breath, call la Spina hair salon and explain the problem, get to us immediately so we can help you professionally correct your hair color. Our staff are highly skilled and fully trained in correcting hair color disasters. They will carry out a full assessment of your hair and take into account the sections that have been most affected, your hair condition on all sections of the hair and prescribe the best course of action to correct the hair color that’s gone wrong quickly and effectively.

In addition to hair dye disasters, common hair color problems that are corrected daily at our hair salon include highlights that are too orange in tone, correcting dark bands of color that have overlapped due to repeated hair coloring and evening out yellowing blonde tones. Whatever your hair color disaster you can be assured that at la Spina Hair Salon, we are experts in hair color correction and can make your hair color right. We tackle all hair color problems with expertise, experience, sensitivity and understanding.

We find our clients at our hair salon in Thorndale have many questions when it comes to all aspects of hair color so we have produced an in depth FREE la Spina Hair color consultation. In this comprehensive consultation we answer hair color questions such as;

  • Can I dye my hair if I am pregnant?
  • Will sunbathing affect my hair color?
  • Will chlorine from swimming affect my hair color?
  • How often should I color my hair?
  • Which products will help retain my hair color?
  • Which hair colors would suit my skin tone?

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